Could the Reviews of Gran Turismo 5 even affect its Sales at this point?

At present, the gaming world is waiting eagerly for the review embargo on Polyphony Digital’s highly anticipated, ultra-realistic racing simulator Gran Turismo 5 to be lifted at 8:01am GMT on Wednesday.

Currently, N4G’s news feed is littered with links to newly uploaded screenshots and gameplay videos posted by those lucky enough to have received their copies early as gamers pore over any new scrap of media they can get their hands on until the official verdicts can be released.

Early impressions seem highly positive, with Gameinformer stating:

The game not only looks as good as advertised, but each vehicle also handles really well, giving you a great flavor of all kinds of vehicles and the various challenges associated with their braking, horsepower, engine placement, etc. Snow, night, and rain weather effects throw a kink in some of your best-laid racing plans, but tackling the elements is all part of the experience.”

The above sentiments are also echoed by posters on various forums although OPM claims that the AI “remains a long way short of passing the Turing Test”.

Should the unpredictable (and highly unlikely) happen, with Gran Turismo 5 not earning the triple A ratings expected of it, it seems doubtful that this would put off potential buyers.

UK retailer has stated that pre-order sales for the game “went through the roof” and it’s still in the top 5 at, casting doubts on whether the GT5 momentum could be halted by a string of mediocre views.

Furthermore, the timing of the release couldn’t be better for Polyphony Digital, considering the newly crowned Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel was involved with the production of the game and even featured in a trailer, seen below:

Although strangely, neither Sony or Polyphony Digital have chosen to exploit his involvement in the game in light of his recent success.

With the game officially released tomorrow, along with the reviews, only time will tell whether it’s the racing experience we’ve all been waiting for.


2 Responses to Could the Reviews of Gran Turismo 5 even affect its Sales at this point?

  1. LarryL says:

    Nope. Websites could review it 0/10 and it wouldn’t affect my hype level of the game. I already have enough info from previews and screen shots to know that the game is going to be fantastic for me as a car and racing enthusiast. Besides that, I think most PS3 gamers are already expecting low scores from much of the rediculously negative press some sites are giving. At least lower than Forza 3. Not because Forza 3 is better mind you, but because of the fact that reviewers this hardware generation are so blatantly wearing their fanboyism on their sleeve. There is an open hatred towards anything PS3 exclusive. They try and cover it up with the word “opinion”, but they’re totally transparent. I expect alot of scores that are half to a full point lower than whatever a particular site rated Forza 3.

    Though there will be plenty of sites that properly rate it correctly based on it’s merits. But those will be the smaller websites that tend to not be swayed by either bias or advertising dollars. But expect the “big” review sites such as gamespot (did you see how much they bashed it in their video preview yesterday? they basically said the whole game was garbage.), IGN (maybe) and certainly GameTrailers to score GT5 lower than Forza 3. But it won’t affect the sales much. Most informed gamers have now come to realise that alot of reviewers these days are completely full of bovine excrement.

  2. Tom Ato says:

    Microsoft can pay off as many reviewers as they want to to try and smear GT’s image but it won’t work. Do you really think I care what some random Internet troll thinks of GT?!? Game reviews are not worth a damn to anybody, only people who have absolutely no respect for themselves would let somebody else tell them which games it is ok to buy.

    The real reviews are cast with consumers wallets and that is why Gran Turimso constantly sells better than last – gen trash such as Forza or Need For Speed. Forza is only for gays who don’t know what a car actually is, everybody knows this and that is why they don’t waste their money buying it, Gran Turismo sells in the tens of millions every time because evrybody knows it’s the best experience out there. Reviewers can say whatever they like about GT, it won’t stop it from selling more than double what last – gen trash like Forza 3 did, unlike game reviews, quality is something that can’t be bought.

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