Gran Turismo 5 Nitpicking Exceeds Expectations

Despite being released to a metascore of 86 and selling 1.8 million copies worldwide in just two days (to put that in perspective, Halo Reach still hasn’t sold that much in EMEAA countries), Gran Turismo 5 has suffered a barrage of bitch slaps by fanboys since its release.

Here are just a few examples of articles that currently litter N4G’s news feed:

Gran Turismo 5: Flying Karts and Texture Loading Problems from the Final Build in Action

Gran Turismo 5 Graphical Review

Gran Turismo 5 Installed vs. non Installed

GT5: Can this be true? Incredibly ugly standard cars

Gran Turismo 5: Online mode is full of problems

GT5 is full of bugs

Gran Turismo 5: Non Premium Cars Look Awful

While its certainly true that many of the scores given out by reviews are incredibly minor disappointments as most gamers were expecting hordes of 90%+ ratings, a metascore of 86% is very good, as are the early sales indications and general feedback from the gaming community who are after all, the ones who really matter.

Where Gran Turismo 5 is unparalleled is in the nitpicking from the rest of the community. When Halo: Reach. Forza 3 and various other Xbox exclusives were released N4G was spared the cavalcade of articles comparing various in-game models and angrily complaining that “they look less like real life and more like a videogame”. No shit.

That’s not to say that it’s the Xbox community who are largely to blame for the reaction GT5 has been getting; the PS3 community demonstrated extraordinary hubris and even started the in-game model comparisons, frequently comparing screenshots to Forza 3 and declaring it “a game-changer” and “better than real life” way before the first actual gameplay footage had been released.

GT5 seems to have set a precedent of nitpicking, and one that could possibly be applied to every hyped console exclusive from now on.

The fact of the matter is that Gran Turismo 5 is nowhere near a flop. If VGChartz is to be believed (and to be honest, it probably isn’t), it sold more in the first two days than Mass Effect 2 did in ten weeks. From this it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a financial success and with positive reviews across the board this is bolstered even more. Granted, it’s not as perfect as we’d have liked it to be but a majority of the big issues that reviewers had with the game can be sorted out with future game updates and patches. Knowing Yamauchi’s dedication to the game this is a near certainty.


14 Responses to Gran Turismo 5 Nitpicking Exceeds Expectations

  1. Wheela says:

    It’s the flop squad i.e Xbox fans that are nit-picking GT5. People who have played it recognize it’s awesomeness.

  2. d0x says:

    I have both ps3 and 360. I love racing Sims so of course I have Forza and GT. Yes I prefer Forza. I do so because it has more tuning and customization options and I like the way it plays. That being said I Also like gt5. The GT series has always been about looking and at pure pretty cars. The games are almost aimed at different people of the same audience. Really does anything people are yelling about matter? Buy the games and enjoy them. Who cares which is better? Its ok to have a preference but there is no reason to fight And bash the other game or its fans. Just have fun!

  3. Stanier says:

    Must admit I was led here by n4g.

    I agree with all points here …point being GT5 is a great game with good reviews.
    This article is a fine collection of links but tries to hard to conclude on several troll posts.

    Stop that, your offer of links is great. A simple expressed opinion – “shaddap its a good game” – would make a far superior article.
    Gaming is gaming and that makes Forza 3 the better one. GT5 is great… just not better.

    • wtfwtfwtf says:

      Why is Forza better? Why claim without giving examples? Its not as realistic in driving physics and it doesn’t have good damage while GT5 has awesome damage once you unlock it. Plus GT5 has far more vehicles to chose from and more tracks and more racing modes. So why the hell can’t people realize which is better when its obvious GT5 overall is a better SIMULATOR and offer far more content?

  4. Simon says:

    you also need to realise that PD hyped GT5 into oblivion . we’re expect the best . But yeah , people need to stop complaining . First its Black Ops . Now its GT5 ? -.- Yes i hate activision . But that’s another different story . GT5 is amazing already.

  5. Tom Ato says:

    The only people who are complaining about GT 5 are those who live in a trailer park and are too poor to afford a PS3, so they’re stuck playing last – gen trash like Forza 3. Forza 3’s graphics are absolute garbage, when I play Forza 3 I wonder if i’m actually looking at the game or if my TV just threw up.

    Lifetime sales of Gran Turismo = 56 million (Not including sales of GT 5). Lifetime sales of Flopza= 7.5 million……OOPS! LOL, Forza 3 sucks hard, which is why nobody bought it.

    • Dan says:

      @Tom Ato
      Dude are you serious? You sound like the most delusional ps fanboy ive ever heard. Forza 3 was a great game, obviously its getting on a bit now and gran turismo 5 is better than it, but theres no need to act like a little child and call it “flopza”. Play and enjoy both games. Forza has a level of customization that GT doesn’t even come close to, you can actually change the wheels and body kits of every car… And its not last-gen trash at all, the graphics in it are great and almost at GT5s level. Have you even played it before?

  6. GT FAIL says:

    You want to know why GT5 is getting well deserved criticism? If you seriously don’t know why this is happening, let me tell you…

    For nearly 5 years all we’ve had to put up with from whining immature sonyfanboy maggots is how GT5 was going to be a massive milestone in racing games, the king of all racers. We’ve had to put up with this bullshit for 5 long agonizing years…

    2006 – ‘GT5 will be out soon, it’ll be better than anything Xbox360 can do!’
    2007 – ‘GT5 is the best, Forza2 is garbage GT5 looks way better than it… BTW this is the year of the PS3’
    2008 – ‘Forza 2 sucks… GT5 is going to own it… and yeah, this will be the year of the PS3’
    2009 – ‘GT5 is coming out soon, Forza3 is junk, GT5 looks better and plays better… and THIS is the year of the PS3(maybe, hopefully, fingers crossed)’
    2010 – ‘GT5 is out in a few weeks… Forza3 is garbage, it’s lame… it’s a joke… this is the year of the PS3’

    Finally, after all the hype, all those deluded idiot statements dribbled by sonfanboys get put to the test. And when the chips are down, what do we get? A half-arsed incomplete game, inconsistent frame rate, screen tearing, poor anti-aliasing, low poly low texture cars ported from GT4(ps2), shockingly inadequate environments(low detail low texture rez), buggy online play, last-gen boring AI, lame damage-model… the list goes on…

    So finally THE TRUTH is out, it’s right there in front of us… you ready for this you little sonyfanboy maggots? Ready for the TRUTH…

    – Metacritic scores –
    Forza3 = 92
    G5T5 = 86

    FORZA3 WINS !!!

    And I don’t care how many of you idiots buy it… despite 6 years in dev… it’s INFERIOR to Forza3.

    Want a tissue to mop up those tears sonyfanboys?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why so serious? If you were a true racing fan like me you’d just buy both games. They both have their pros and cons and are great games so just enjoy GT and Forza, its not a competition lol

    • tarbis says:

      Oh really?
      Forza 3 – 400 cars, GT5 1000 cars
      Forza 3 – 8 cars per track, GT5 16 cars per track
      Forza 3 – 720p only, GT5 1080p
      Forza 3 craps out.
      If you even have half a brain, most of the reviews are from no name shit ass xbot review sits that haven’t even finished the game. IGN is one of them. Heh, You can’t spell ignorant without IGN, that goes for xbots too.

  7. Diago says:

    GT5 is victim to 360 fannie driven media.
    No name sites trash site’s bashing the game, bringing down the meta score.

    IGn stated the game is a 10 ut of 10, if it wasn’t for the menu’s. . ..

    Really? .. . Shut the fuck up everybody.
    Get a HDTV with this game is recognize, there isn’t anything that even come’s close to this.

  8. xploderGames says:

    It’s taken Black Ops off the top spot, woop!

  9. harryhh says:

    Forza is for Xbox fanboys/girls who like to dress up their cars with ridiculous pokemon liveries. GT5 is king of driving simulators for true gearheads! Nuff said.

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