Uncharted 3 Gameplay Looks Amazing, Gunplay Less So…

So today eurogamer.it posted a new and unseen gameplay demo of the Chateau level, part of which was previously demonstrated on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The footage, seen below, is a lot better quality than any footage seen to date and does a good job of showing the stunning graphics and smooth, flowing animations.

In fact, with another 10 months until release it’s looking pretty darn good, all aside from the shooting aspect.

The gunplay has always been the weakest part of the Uncharted series and that’s not to say it’s bad, just that the guns never seemed to feel like they had the power of the firearms in other games that have mastered this aspect such as Killzone 2 or Counter Strike.

The power of a gun in a video game is conveyed by two things, the sound of the weapon and the reactions of those being shot. Now since the game is still almost a year away from release it seems unfair to nitpick on these aspects but what the hell.

The guns sound just flat-out weak. Maybe they’re placeholder sound effects but when firing a weapon just sounds like someone dropping a baking tray instead of a 140 decibel mini explosion. This isn’t something new to the series either, the previous two games had exactly the same problem but now is the time to sort it out.

Here’s what firing a Colt 45 Defender actually sounds like:

Similarly, judging by the gameplay footage, enemies react as if they were shot with a BB gun until their health runs out and they just drop to the floor. You need spatters of blood and dynamic enemy physics to make their reactions either plausible or just flat-out cinematic, something Killzone 2 perfected, as seen below:

With a tentative release date of November 2011 exclusively for Playstation 3, there’s still plenty of time to iron this stuff out but despite this Uncharted 3 is already looking fantastic.


10 Responses to Uncharted 3 Gameplay Looks Amazing, Gunplay Less So…

  1. CoD511 says:

    Fully agreed there, never been keen on the Uncharted sounds.

  2. MR KAP says:

    I totally agree, its amazing what the audio to games make a game.
    ND i hope your watching this and sort the gun sounds out!

  3. D.Vader says:

    Yeah this game still has well over 11 months before it’s released. You are completely nit picking.

    The gun play will likely play out very similar to Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2. Technically Uncharted is an action adventure game featuring third person shooting. While it’s an important element to the game, FPS will generally always have stronger gun features than Third Person Shooters. On the other hand Third Person based games will always have stronger platforming and puzzle elements.

    Just comes with the territory of what kind of game it is. People are not going to expect the same caliber of shooting they would in COD or KZ. They are expecting some puzzles and dramatic story telling which the Third Person point of view lends itself well to.

    • bimz says:

      uh hello? Gears of War? third person perspective is NOT an excuse for weak gunplay. I’m not saying uncharted definitely should have strong gunplay, I’m sure fans of first and second won’t mind the so-so shooting.

  4. Mike Ockizard says:

    I don’t think it is nitpicking at all vader, he makes some very good suggestions. People who tell developers not to improve anything and that they will a game’s sequel no matter what, are the main reason games are beginning to stagnate when it comes to innovation.

    Look, I loved Uncharted 2 (hell, I played through it 3 full times, and I don’t typically like linear games), but it did have its issues. For the size of the role it plays in the game, the combat really does need some work. The pacing and difficulty is great, but there is no reason they can’t add more powerful sound effects, and more importantly, enemy reactions. After shooting enemies in GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption, it just looks weird in Unhcarted to shoot someone 5 times in the chest and see a little scripted twitch, rather than a full body convulsions and maybe knocking them back into a stumble or something. I don’t doubt UC3 will be great, but if I’m to pay $60 for it, it needs to be something more than UC2 with new backgrounds…

  5. Labwarrior says:

    LOL, if you think those gun sounds are bad you should play Halo, firing a hand gun sounds exactly the same as firing a rocket launcher in those last – gen games. Uncharted 3 will be amazing, it probably won’t have the same body – specific damage that a game like Killzone has but it will have solid graphics, solid gameplay and a story that will probably blow away anything that comes out of Hollywood next year.

    This game might as well just be given the GOTY award right now, it’s miles better than anything the 360 will offer this generation. I am Labwarrior and I have spoken

  6. Edgar says:

    This game looks amazing. I can’t wait to play it.

  7. Raz says:

    I take it you’ve never played MGS4 then.

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