Crysis 2 – What does the lack of PS3 footage mean?

Crysis 2 is less than 2 months away from release and so far, only footage and screenshots from the Xbox 360 version has been released.

So what could this mean? If you cast your minds back to Red Dead Redemption you’ll remember that up until its release, the Xbox 360 version was the one chosen for display and when the comparisons inevitably happened once it hit the shelves, the PS3 version was shown to be slightly inferior, graphically speaking.

I think it’s a given that the PC version will blow the console versions away. I know it’s incredibly tiresome to praise the original Crysis’ graphics but it’s true, however it’s also unfair to compare the PC to a console. It’d be like comparing an iPad to a Kindle….

However it doesn’t seem likely that the PS3 version is inferior. In April last year Crytek admitted that it was “getting slightly more performance from PS3 compared to 360”. Similarly, in an interview with Gamastutra in June 2009, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli claimed that they had almost maxed out the PS3.

While no PS3 screenshots or footage have been released, footage of the Cryengine 3 has been displayed running on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC conveniently at the same time.

Here’s a screenshot from the demonstration, PC is the screen on the top, PS3 on the left and Xbox 360 on the right.



The PS3 version clearly shows superior lighting and slightly more detailed textures, particularly on the bricks, seemingly in line with the argument of the PS3 version being slightly superior.

If this is the case, and it’s entirely possible that by the time they’re released both versions look identical, then why would Crytek choose to demo the slightly (I can’t stress ‘slightly’ enough) inferior looking version? It’s the opposite of what game developers normally do. It could be out of loyalty to Microsoft, after all, the original Crysis did sell extremely well on PC.

I guess we’ll have to wait until late March to know for certain.

Crysis 2 in released March 22 in North America and March 25 in the EU


23 Responses to Crysis 2 – What does the lack of PS3 footage mean?

  1. Jakey Bee says:

    Microsoft pays off third party devs for better business–Sony is stupid enough not to, and it really just ends off pissing off the community even more. So, either that, or they wanted to release the beta on Xbox 360 because it was the inferior version.

    • John says:

      Only an idiot would pay off people for better business!! Sony would rather you make a complete game, then support it later at NO extra cost UNLIKE Microsoft! Why do u think Valve has crossed over u fool! We all have seen what happens to games when microsoft meddle with devs and pay off studios, the game suffers BIG TIME!! Look at GTAIV – IV is the WORST GTA by a country mile and all because those twats had to stick their nose in! And please – we already know crysis will be superior on the PS3, crytech already said so.

  2. xino says:

    it means that PS3 will look better than XBox 360, and once people find this out. Xbots will complain and ps3’s version will have more sales.

    And you know Microsoft, they love securing deals that would make their own platform sell better than it’s competitor rivals. Says much about their constant humming of Timed Exclusive!

    I have no doubt that Crysis 2 on PS3 will look 2x better than xbox 360. And then again the reason we see lack of ps3 crysis 2 is because it will look like shit and Crytek can’t handle and make a game identical on ps3 like the xbox 360:/

    • Kamanashi says:

      I doubt it will look 2x better considering we have already seen that it really is only the slightest of difference. Might run better though. Though, I dont care either way, have the first one on PC, so just gonna stick with the PC version of Crysis 2.

  3. AO1JMM says:

    Xino is an obvious PS3 fanboy.

  4. Urk says:

    You sure are dumb xino.

  5. mejevvs says:

    I dont care if it LOOKS better on the ps3 then the 360. I care if it PLAYS better and that is why i HOPE they patch Crisis 2 for the ps3 for move support so it plays like a mouse and keyboard. I AM SICK OF USING LAST GEN CONTROLLERS IN FPS ON CONSOLES!!!.

  6. Mint says:

    I can assure everyone that the PS3 version is ‘slightly’ inferior to the 360 from a technical perspective. I will not be that noticable unless you look close (effects have a lower resolution for example).

    I am not saying that the PS3 is inferior to the 360 (each system has it’s own strengths) but the engine is still multi platform and the game is not focused entirely on making a great looking PS3 game. If Crytek could write a better multi-platform engine than say, Naughty dog can write a focused PS3 engine and game then the world has gone mad.

    Crysis 2 may well become the best looking multi-platform game for the time being but one of the reason Crysis looked so good was because it had 3DMark syndrome where the best looking settings require a PC from the future to run. I remember a clip of liquid Nitrogen being poured constantly to keep things cool and fast while the commentator remarked how ‘playable’ it became with this rig. Yeah right!

  7. snagg says:

    killzone3 unseen gameplay

  8. FRANKO-CRO says:

    I just hope no cod-bo sindrom repeating with crysis. I have ps3 and x360 and i’ll wait few days after release to see which one is better. But we all know what is still going on with cod-bo on ps3,while 360 version runs ok.But Crytec is not Treyass

  9. Richard says:

    comparing an iPad to a kindle1?

    is that why RDR amd GOW3 beat most PC games to the best graphics awards in 2010

    the hardware may be almost generation ahead but the graphics output is anything but

    im sorry but upgrading PC hardware is just a waste of money with the death of the AAA PC exclusvie and with so little developers taking advantage of it

    considering UC2 is the closest thing gaming has to a PIXAR movie, I reckon UC3 will be the best looking game of this year

    on 5 year old hardware!! sorry to hurt your precious rigs (mine included)

  10. David P says:

    I have both consoles and if I buy crisis 2 it’s will be on the Xbox 360 for two reasons 1) It’s Xbox Live service kicks the snot out of the PS3 free service so there will be more people playing on it….. I’d rather pay $60.00 and always get on than have it free and never get on…. And 2) The Xbox 360 game Controller is way better for shooter then the PS3 controller is…. No I’m Not A Fanboy for either one….

  11. xino says:

    Nah your family is!

    It’s fucking obvious that it would look better considering no games on xbox 360 can match GOW3, Heavy Rain, MGS4 and GT5 graphics so stfu xbot!

  12. lol says:

    PS3. it only does better ports.

  13. John says:

    Every chance I get I will make fun of crysis 2 on xbox 360 that is if it’s better on PS3. If not I will just pirate this game and get killzone 3.

  14. PP says:

    LOl, everybody knows 360’s graphics are crap. The only REAL graphics are in games like Uncharted 2, God Of War 3 and Heavy Rain. 360’s graphics look like fried piss. I am PP and I have spoken!

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  18. firebird0u812 says:

    I just love all the ignorant comments being said about this game as far as the PS3 is concerned. One of the most important things the PS3 has that the XBOX 360 doesn’t is XDR memory. If you don’t understand how XDR memory works in comparison to the XBOX’s inferior GDDR3 memory, you’re just wasting your time. Understanding how XDR memory works takes 5 minutes of research on Google or your search engine of choice, very simple.

    XDR memory runs circles around GDDR3. And that is why the graphics of games designed exclusively for the PS3 blow away anything XBOX is capable of. The Crysis 2 version of this game will put XBOX to shame, once again.

    Also, this is the first game that we will be able to see actual side by side comparisons that aren’t based off crappy pc ports. EA had separate teams working on both consoles. So that is the reason the demo came out on XBOX first, because they knew if people saw the superior PS3 version, no one would want the XBOX version. It’s just that simple, they’ve done it before, they’ll do it again.

    Like many gamers out there, I own both consoles and I can honestly say, the XBOX 360 sucks in comparison, it’s still around due to it’s simplicity and Microsoft’s marketing expertise. The XBOX 360 was quite simply developed for children.

  19. Nick says:

    Crysis 2 on PC blows everything else the **** out of the water.

    This is next gen . Killzone 3 looked average after I saw this trailer, and that is not a good feeling as I was just playing Killzone 3 beta all day and thought it looked like the best graphics I ever saw. If Crysis 2 looks anything like this on PS3 I will be ober the ****ing moon.

  20. Evildemon says:

    Well i dont really care which console will have the best graphics… i just care that pc will have WAY BETTER graphics that those old consoles…
    PC version in very high+dx11+full hd+ filters max, will shame the console version

  21. C++ says:

    But PS3 uses OpenGL and not Directx…

    In my opinion, OpenGL is better (Remember Doom 3? Half-Life 2?) than Directx but it costs more to work.

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