Roger Ebert, Twitter, Amazon and the Japanese tsunami – A marketing match made in heaven.

Anyone who follows longstanding film critic Roger Ebert on twitter will have noticed that he constantly posts links to various Amazon products. In an interview with he explained that this is purely to create another revenue stream for himself, making use for the Amazon Associates program by which a referrer to a particular profit earns a percentage of its cost if their click-through results in a sale. He told

“I receive the standard percentage as published by Amazon. The Sun-Times itself has been an Amazon Associate for as long as I can remember, and receives a percentage of all my books and DVDs displayed on and from the Amazon “Ebert Store” on the site. This does not amount to much.”

Aside from his own products he also advertises new releases and DVD’s but the other day, unfortunately the day of the tsunami in Japan, he chose to branch out:

His post about the Tsunami came a few minutes after his advertising of trousers, but it’s just such an awkward transition, going from making a bit of money on the side from discount corduroys to mentioning one of the worst natural disasters of this century, kind of like when the news goes from reporting on a suicide bombing in the Middle-East to a piece of trivial celebrity news. In fact, later on in the day he was back to more clothes selling, with a post about linen suits.

I somehow doubt that on a day when twitter was buzzing with constant updates and reposts of developments of the tragedy, that many people bothered to heed his suggestion and get a new pair of Levi’s.


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