Ad Breaks Confirmed for Sky Atlantic Service

The official twitter page for Sky’s new channel, Sky Atlantic has confirmed that it will feature ad breaks.

The channel, set to launch on February 1, is being described by Sky themselves as “the home of HBO” although it will also screen US shows from other networks, perhaps most notably, AMC’s Mad Men.

It was announced in July last year that Sky had secured a deal, estimated at around £150m across five years, securing them exclusive rights to screen shows from the critically acclaimed networks library in the UK, including the highly anticipated and equally highly praised Boardwalk Empire as well as The Pacific, The Sopranos, The Wire and True Blood.

Thanks to its subscription service, shows on HBO in the US can profit without having to be interrupted by commercial breaks although Sky, which also runs on a subscription model, features longer and more frequent ad breaks than terrestrial British channels.

Sky Atlantic’s official twitter channel also confirmed that they “have not announced details of how the advert breaks will run”.