Amazon Kindles given to Booker Prize judges

Susan Hill, author of the classic horror novel The Woman in Black and one of the judges for this years Man Booker prize tweeted the following on Thursday:

“We are to be given Kindles for Booker judging so they won ‘t have to post us tons of real books”.

This seems like another nail in the coffin of rival eReaders since in this case they’re the almost official accessory to the competition. While it’s only one instance of the Kindle being given such priority, it somewhat mirrors what happened in the Blu-Ray vs HD DVD format war, when the odd studio or store gave priority to Blu-Ray and stopped selling the rival format, causing a chain effect of other companies eschewing the HD DVD format.

This, coupled with the news that the Kindle is Amazon’s best-selling item ever is good news for early adopters of the eReaders, guaranteeing that their purchase was worth it.