Is this the most pointless article ever?

Pocket-lint seems to be  scraping the barrel so much that they’ve reached soil with an article entitled: “Why do wires get tangled up? – Pocket-lint unravels the mystery”. That sound you can hear now is the collective sigh of relief from people all round the world who finally have an answer to possibly the most discussed question known to man.

It helpfully begins:

“We’ve all been there – you place your headphones delicately into your pocket, sometimes just for a minute while you pop into a shop, but when you go to retrieve them, they don’t look like your headphones anymore”.

Yeah this has happened to me a few times and I have to say that I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone else; it’s arguable worse than accidentally letting your tea go cold or having hiccups. Is this article for real? It sounds like a Michael McIntyre routine.

However eventually the mystery is cracked and we find out:

“It seems that round-bodied cables all suffer from the tangling problem thanks to their aerodynamics and friction control (or lack thereof) making the cords rotate and tangle”.

Huzzah, so the answer to the question of ‘Why do wires get tangled up?’ is ‘because the cords rotate and tangle up’. Pocket-lint you’ve done it again!

Next week: Pocket-lint explains why objects fall to the floor when you drop them and investigates whether bears defecate in woodland areas.